Who we are

PENSI (an acronym in Portuguese for Research Group in Semiotic Engineering and Interaction) is an HCI research group of the Department of Computer Science (DCC) of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). The main focus of research at PENSI is on Semiotic Engineering theory of HCI and its use.

The group is coordinated by professor Raquel O. Prates and it is formed by PhD, MSc and undergraduate students, as well as alumni who are still involved with projects and researches. PENSI also has collaboration of other professors from DCC, other departments of the University and further researchers interested in Semiotic Engineering and HCI from different institutions in Brazil.

Research lines


  • Semiotic Engineering Theory
  • Communicability Evaluation Methods
  • Collaborative Systems
  • Educational Systems
  • Interaction with New Technology or Contexts
  • Extensible Interfaces
  • Accessibility

To know more about these areas, check the Research page.